C-Secure XL RFID card holder & wallet, black

Hind: 54,00 + km
Miinimumkogus: 50 tk
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Kaal 80.00 g
Liik Rahakotid
Mõõtmed 7,0 x 2,0 x 9,8 x ø 12,0 cm.
Tootekood P850.531
Värv black
No more electronic pickpocketing and broken or bent cards! This is the ultimate wallet for the heavy card user. The XL cardholder can hold up to 12 cards in comparison to 7 cards for our 1st generation C-Secure wallets. Easy side slider will push the cards up gradually. The wallet can hold your cash or more cards. For optimal use we recommend a minimum of 8 cards in the wallet. Below this amount they may slide out after time.